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PowerFilm’s unique thin-film technology is extremely durable, shade tolerant, and lightweight, making it an ideal solution for the harsh outdoor environments seen by devices used in telematics applications.


Traditionally, asset tracking devices run on batteries or use passive RFID antennas, which allow the systems to remain remote and portable. 


Low latency Cellular and GPS based asset trackers consume less than 1Whr of energy daily. In an outdoor environment, even a small solar panel could supplement this power draw, extending battery lifetime and reliability. Our Classic Application and WeatherPro series panels are a great place to start.


In indoor settings, PowerFilm’s Indoor Light Series panels can enhance active RFID tag systems, allowing products to be scanned from greater distances and reducing the need for intricate antenna setups.


Solar Compatible Applications

  • Semi-Trailer Monitoring 

  • Smart Locks 

  • Animal Tracking/Monitoring

  • Remote Telematics Systems

  • Inventory Tracking/Monitoring

  • Equipment Tracking/Monitoring

  • Camera Systems 


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Power: 4mW

Operating Voltage: 1.2V

Current: 3.3mA

Weight: 0.003oz / 0.09g


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