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four solar development kits

PowerFilm’s Indoor Solar Panels are inherently more sensitive than traditional solar technologies in low light and indoor settings. Even in heavily shaded or dimly lit environments, such as warehouses and industrial plants, Indoor Solar Panels can generate enough power to run sensors, beacons, and other low power devices of the emerging IoT industry.


Plug and play solar development kits make it easy to experiment with and explore the potential of indoor solar potential. 


The Indoor/Outdoor e-peas Solar Development Kit (AEM-PF-EVK) and Indoor Solar Development Kit (DEV-IN-BASIC) are total power management solutions that can be used to directly power external electronics. With energy harvesting, battery charging, and output regulation, they bridge the gap between solar and electronics.


The Indoor Solar Development Kit with Nordic BLE (DEV-IN-BLE-NS) is perfect for developers looking to design or add PowerFilm’s high-performance indoor solar to BLE products. It includes an onboard energy harvester/power management IC, nRF52832 BLE circuitry, Indoor Solar Panels, and all required components to be plug and play. 


The Indoor Solar Development Kit with TI BLE (DEV-IN-BLE-TI) is a solar-powered wireless sensing module featuring an onboard light meter, battery monitor, and an on-chip temperature sensor. Use this kit to jumpstart the development of solar-powered BLE devices that use TI’s CC2650 wireless MCU. 


These designs are completely open sourced and can make your ideas a reality.


Are you interested in a custom design? Contact us, and we can start the process today.

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