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PowerFilm has designed and manufactured hundreds of solutions for a wide range of industrial, commercial, consumer and government customers and uses. 


Our solutions can be divided into six broad markets:


  • IoT & Industrial Solutions

  • Fleet & Commercial Transportation

  • Government & DoD

  • Electronic Vehicle (Golf Car)

  • Marine & Recreational Vehicle

  • Consumer


IoT and industrial solutions commonly use a combination of our Electronic Component Panels (ECP) paired with an energy harvesting Power Management IC (PMIC). This market often takes advantage of the highly custom nature of our ECP family to get a panel that fits their exact needs. 


Fleet and commercial transportation solutions can use either traditional crystalline panels in a semi-flexible design, or our thin-film material for unmatched durability and performance in low intensity or cloudy lighting conditions.


Government and DoD solutions support man-portable, vehicle charging, and base power requirements. Many of our products were initially developed 30 years ago to serve the needs of the US Department of Defense, who remains PowerFilm’s largest lifetime user. We’ve developed dozens of custom panels for DoD use across a range of technologies, substrates, voltages, and panel sizes. New models are still under development today.


Our original PowerDrive panel for golf car use continues to evolve, support a wide range of models, and the growing Electric Vehicle (EV) market beyond the golf course.


Marine and RV solutions also use either our thin film or our semi-flexible panels depending on specific customer requirements. These panels are fully weatherproof in either configuration guaranteeing a long life even in harsh environments.


The consumer market is generally served with a range of standard products sold through distributors.

Are you looking for something different? Contact Us with your requirements, and we can design a custom solution for you.

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