PowerFilm Solar Inc

Case Studies

Over the past three decades, we have developed custom solutions to meet the needs of many different companies in industries, including telematics, boating, IoT, the United States Military, and space exploration.


We’ve developed solutions that add functionality, augment battery power, or replace batteries entirely.


Do you have specific power needs for your next project? We can help. Contact us, and let’s get started today. 


Window Shade

Sol-Lux solar powered window shade installed on a home


Smart Bike Lock

Ellipse solar powered bike lock being used by biker


Asset Tracking

Solar powered asset tracking product


Flagpole Light

Solar powered flagpole light


Electric Boat

Solar panel on the canopy of a Torqeedo electric inflatable boat


Solar Shade

PowerShade military solar tent


Space Yacht

PowerShade military solar tent


High Altitude Baloon

Loon Project solar powered inflatable balloon


Specialty Gas Monitor

Specialty gas monitor on an Airgas gas tank




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