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Reefer Railcar Batteries

Transporting refrigerated goods can be tricky, and ensuring they don’t spoil is paramount. We have designed a solution to power refrigeration units saving you money and reducing emissions.


Below is a 6.8KW solar array to power the refrigeration system.


Reefer Railcar Solar Design Drawing


Locomotive Batteries

We have designed solutions that ensure your locomotive is ready to go when you are. A solar solution will help you be more efficient and avoid expensive service calls. 


Below is a ~1KW solar system to keep locomotive batteries charged.


Locomotive Solar Design Drawing



Keeping track of your goods as they travel can give you peace of mind and ensure you are operating efficiently. We have designed solar solutions that alongside a battery can power a mobile tracking solution.


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Wattage: 7W

Current: 0.45A

Voltage: 15.4V

Weight: 0.7lb / 0.3kg


Wattage: 14W

Current: 0.9A

Voltage: 15.4V

Weight: 1.1lb / 0.5kg

Wattage: 21W

Current: 1.35A

Voltage: 15.4V

Weight: 1.6lb / 0.7kg


Wattage: 28W

Current: 1.8A

Voltage: 15.4V

Weight: 2.0lb / 0.9kg


Wattage: 24W

Current: 1.5A - 2.0A

Voltage: 13.8V float, 14.5V max

Weight: 1.5lb / 0.7kg

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