LL200-2.4-75 Indoor Light Series Electronic Component Solar Panel
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  • This thin-film amorphous silicon flexible indoor solar module is laminated with standard duty PET and foil tape contact terminals. It’s well suited to collect artificial lighting in indoor settings such as warehouses, offices, and retail spaces.

    Electrical Specifications:

    Max Voc all light levels = 3.7V

    200 Lux

    • Power: 0.289mW

    • Operating Voltage: 1.6V

    • Current: 0.181mA

    • Average Voc: 2.4V

    • Isc: 0.2mA

    1000 Lux

    • Power: 1.899mW

    • Operating Voltage: 2.1V

    • Current: 0.904mA

    • Average Voc: 2.7V

    • Isc: 1.2mA

    Physical Specifications:

    • Dimensions: 94.0 x 73.0 (mm) / 3.70 x 2.87 (in)

    • Weight: 0.04oz / 1.20g

    • Thickness: 0.22mm

    IV Curve

    LL200-2.4-75 IV Curve

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