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RV in front of a mountain


When you're ready to hit the road, the last thing you want is a dead battery that keeps you stuck at home.


Whatever kind of RV you have our solar solutions ensure your batteries are ready to go when you are.


Our RV solar panels are 100% waterproof and feature integrated charge controllers and waterproof cabling.


Whether you are an OEM looking to power an aftermarket device, to simplify installation, or interested in boondocking, we have the panel to meet your needs.

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Wattage: 42W

Current: 2.7A

Voltage: 15.4V

Weight: 4.6lb / 2.1kg

Wattage: 60W

Current: 3.9A

Voltage: 15.4V

Weight: 6.0lb / 2.9kg


Wattage: 24W

Current: 1.5A - 2.0A

Voltage: 13.8V float, 14.5V max

Weight: 1.5lb / 0.7kg


Wattage: 45W

Current: 2.8A - 3.8A

Voltage: 13.8 float, 14.5V max

Weight: 3lb / 1.4kg




Wattage: 100W

Current: 6.0A - 8.5A

Voltage: 13.8 float, 14.5V max

Weight: 5.5lb / 2.5kg



Wattage: 100W

Current: 5.6A

Voltage: 18.1V

Weight: 5.5lb / 2.5kg

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