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man holding electronic ink display powered by an electronic component solar panel

*Photo courtesy of PL Germany


Retail stores are using IoT solutions to increase customer experience and boost operational efficiency.


Because these spaces are often bright, they are ideal for indoor solar solutions, which can power electronic price labels, product tags, beacons, and other low power devices needed in retail IoT solutions.    


Solar Compatible Applications

  • Electronic Shelf Labels

  • Inventory Tags

  • Signage

  • Retail Beacons

  • Shipment Tracking

  • Occupancy Tracking


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Power: 180mW

Operating Voltage: 3.6V

Current: 50mA

Weight: 0.06oz / 1.70g

Power: 34mW

Operating Voltage: 2.4V

Current: 14.2mA

Weight: 0.02oz / 0.40g

200 Lux

Power: 0.166mW

Operating Voltage: 2.1V

Current: 0.079mA

Weight: 0.04oz / 1.13g

200 Lux

Power: 0.289mW

Operating Voltage: 1.6V

Current: 0.181mA

Weight: 0.06oz / 1.70g

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