Solar Development Kit with e-peas PMIC and CAP-XX Supercapacitors (DEV-EPEAS-CAPXX)

AEM-PF-CAPXX-EVK Solar Development Kit with e-peas PMIC and CAP-XX Supercapacitors_web

Kit Contents

  • Dev Kit PCBA

  • (2) MPT2.4-21 Solar Panel with leads

  • (2) LL200-2.4-37 Indoor Solar Panel with leads(1)

  • (1) DMT3N4R2U224M3DTA0 4.2V, 220mF, 21 x 14 x 2.2 mm

  • (1) DMF3Z5R5H474M3DTA0 5.5V, 470mF, 21 x 14 x 3.2 mm
  • 60mAh rechargeable Li-Polymer battery

  • Instructions and product documentation

This dev kit is only available for direct purchase In the United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii). Additional International purchasing options are coming soon and will be listed under the "WHERE TO BUY" tab.

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  • The Solar Development Kit with e-peas PMIC and CAP-XX Supercapacitors (DEV-EPEAS-CAPXX) makes integrating solar into electronics simple. It includes an e-peas AEM10941 high-performance energy harvesting PMIC, PowerFilm’s thin-film indoor and outdoor solar panels, and CAP-XX thin prismatic supercapacitors.


    The AEM10941 efficiently extracts energy from the solar modules, which can be stored in a rechargeable element while also providing two independent regulated voltages to power IoT devices. The integrated power management supports multiple storage element charge configurations, including, Li-Po, Li-ion, LiFePO4, Solid State, and Single/Double cell supercapacitors. Configurations are easily selected by moving pin jumpers to desired positions.


    Use Indoor Light series panels for indoor applications and use Classic Application panels for outdoor environments. Solder on the Cap-XX devices to run your IoT device without battery. 


    See Quick Start Guide for details on configuring storage element type and other board options.


    Panel Specifications


    Indoor Series      


    1000 lux:

    • 0.462mW
    • 0.220mA
    • 2.1V

    200 lux:

    • 0.07W
    • 0.044mA
    • 1.6V

    Classic Application


    100% Sun

    • 32mW
    • 14.2mA
    • 2.4V

    25% Sun

    • 7.7mW
    • 3.2mA
    • 2.4V


    System Diagram

    Solar Development Kit with e-peas PMIC and CAP-XX Supercapacitors Diagram

    Board Layout

    e-peas Development Kit Board Layout


    Use Cases - Power Sources For

    • BLE Beacons and Tags

    • E-Paper Displays

    • Telematics

    • Smart Locks

    • Thermostats

    • Smart Windows and Shades

    • Wireless Sensors

    • Wearables

    • Field and Herd Monitoring

    • Other Low Power Electronics


    Energy Harvester and Power Management

    • Cold start at 3μW 380mV

    • Global quiescent current of 400nA

    • MPPT ratio configured to 70%

    • Storage element voltage protection

    • Primary battery with minimum voltage protection

    • Two LDO power output rails with enable pins

    • Dual cell supercapacitor balancing circuit

    • Internal boost converter (up to 95%): 50mV to 5V

    Cap-XX Supercapacitors

    • DMT3N4R2U224M3DTA0 4.2V, 220mF, 21 x 14 x 2.2 mm, -40 to 85°C, ESR 300mΩ
    • DMF3Z5R5H474M3DTA0 5.5V, 470mF, 21 x 14 x 3.2 mm, -40 to 70°C, ESR 45mΩ
    • High power output for peak current loads (low ESR)
    • Sufficient energy storage to handle power surges (high capacitance)
    • Wide operating temperature range (-40°C – +85°C)


    Supercap Charge TImes


    • Screw connector for PowerFilm PV cell

    • Screw connector for storage element

    • Multiple PCB footprints for supercapacitors

    • Screw connector for primary battery

    • Screw connector for HVOUT LDO output (80mA)


    • CFG selection jumpers for storage element type

    • Resistors footprints for custom mode

    • Jumpers for output enable/disable

    • Jumpers for primary battery option

    • Jumper for supercapacitor cell balancing circuit enable


    • 58 mm x 49 mm

    • 4 x M 2 5 Mounting holes


    IV Curves


    Indoor Series

    LL200-2.4-37 IV Curve


    Classic Application

    MPT2.4-21 IV Curve 25% & Full Sun



    Harvesting indoor light with the paired LL200-2.4-37 panel provides approximately 80μW in a low light luminosity (200 lux). After eight hours of exposure, the AEM10941 harvester will collect about 1.8 J of energy.


    Harvesting outdoor light with the paired MPT2.4-21 panel provides approximately 6.8mW under indirect or ambient sunlight (25% of direct sunlight). After eight hours of exposure, the AEM10941 harvester will collect about 156 J of energy.


    AEM10941 Efficiency

    products_dev kits_aem-pf-evk_AEM10941_1mA efficiency graphproducts_dev kits_aem-pf-evk_AEM10941_10mA efficiency graph

    products_dev kits_aem-pf-evk_AEM10941_100mA efficiency graphproducts_dev kits_aem-pf-evk_AEM10941_100µA efficiency graph

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