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WeatherPro Series

Water splashing on an electronic component solar panel


The WeatherPro Series is the perfect choice for permanent outdoor applications directly exposed to the elements.


The exceptionally rugged construction of these panels includes a UV-stabilized surface, extra edge seal for weather protection, and tin-coated copper leads that extend from the panel.


Coating leads with an RTV silicone compound can provide a tightly sealed package.


WeatherPro Series Spec Sheet


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Power: 864mW

Operating Voltage: 7.2V

Current: 120mA

Weight: 1.10oz / 31.18g


Power: 1.73W

Operating Voltage: 7.2V

Current: 240mA

Weight: 1.90oz / 53.86g

Power: 770mW

Operating Voltage: 15.4V

Current: 50mA

Weight: 1.10oz / 31.18g

Power: 1.54W

Operating Voltage: 15.4V

Current: 100mA

Weight: 2.00oz / 56.70g

Power: 3.08W

Operating Voltage: 15.4V

Current: 200mA

Weight: 3.30oz / 93.55g

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