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Custom Solutions


PowerFilm designs and manufactures custom solar cells, panels, and power solutions for energy harvesting, portable, and remote power applications using proprietary thin-film or high-efficiency crystalline PV technology. 


With over 200 staff years of engineering experience, we have a track record of developing high-quality custom solar solutions across a wide range of IoT, transportation, military, and consumer applications.  


Whether you are a corporate leader or a government entity, we have the knowledge, experience, and capability to meet your portable and remote power needs.


Case Studies

Ellipse solar powered bike lock being used by biker

See examples of custom solar solutions we have designed and manufactured. Each shows the innovative way we solve unique power problems for IoT electronics, rugged, and portable applications. 


Custom Solar Panel Design Tool

custom solar panel design tool screenshot

We have many options, both electrically and mechanically, when it comes to a custom solar panel. Because it can be difficult to explain all these options over the phone, in an email, or on a webpage, we developed a Custom Solar Panel Design. Customers can use this tool to learn the basic anatomy of a solar panel, some of the customization options available, and create a custom solution that meets their needs. 


Design Process

Design process circular flow chart

Learn about our design process, starting from concept development, design proposal, prototyping, product launch, and ongoing engaged support. We take each step of the design process seriously to make sure your final product meets or exceeds the needs of your application. 


Design Options

Small amorphous silicon thin film solar panel with wire connectionsSmall amorphous silicon thin film solar panel with backside contactsSmall amorphous silicon thin film solar panel with extended bus tapesolar panel connected to a pcb using backside contacts

Get an in-depth picture of the different electrical and mechanical options available for our custom solutions. We are continually evaluating and testing innovative ways our PV can be modified, integrated, encapsulated, embedded, or reconfigured to meet the needs of the evolving markets we serve. If your customization ideas are not covered in this section, don’t hesitate to reach out to see what’s possible.


Electronics and Storage Elements

Assorted electronic component thin film amorphous silicon solar panelsclose up view of a circuit boardThree rechargeable batteries

Using solar to power electronics or charge a battery requires more components than just a panel. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we can help design or make recommendations for all components of a solar solution.


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