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man putting grommets on a foldable solar panel  robotic arm picking up thin film solar panel  thin film amorphous solar material going through the lamination process 

                            laser cutting a crystalline silicon cell  man wiring a foldable solar panel

PowerFilm works with multiple PV technologies to ensure our customers always get the best custom solar solution possible. 

The devices used throughout the IoT and portable power sectors are extremely diverse, and no one solar technology or solution works for everything. PowerFilm R&D staff are continually evaluating our technology portfolio as new and emerging PV materials enter the market. The unique properties of each PV technology make them well suited for different applications. 


Amorphous Silicon is ideal for low power indoor/outdoor IoT applications and where rugged portability is a critical requirement. Our thin-film line is well suited for designs that take advantage of the thin, flexible, and lightweight nature of the material. 

  • Thin and Flexible

  • Indoor and Low Light Performance 

  • Lightweight

  • Highly Customizable

  • Temperature Resistant

  • Extremely Durable



Like traditional rooftop solar, this technology is well suited for medium to high power rugged applications where power density is a critical requirement. By using high-efficiency SunPower solar cells, this line can give the most bang for the buck. 


  • High Efficiency

  • Lower Cost

  • Integrated Charge Controller

  • Weather Proof

  • Reduced Footprint 

Ultra-High Efficiency

This line uses Gallium Arsenide, a III-IV semiconductor technology, with conversion efficiencies over 30 percent. This technology is well suited for applications where power density and ruggedness are critical, and the cost is not a factor. 

  • High Performance

  • Thin and Flexible

  • Small Footprint

  • Weather Proofing Available


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