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PowerFilm’s unique thin-film technology is extremely durable, shade tolerant, and lightweight, making it an ideal solution for the harsh outdoor environments seen by devices used in Smart Agriculture applications.


IoT is enabling farmers to make data-driven decisions. Precision farming can increase crop yield while lowering waste. Monitoring herd health allows farmers to catch sickness early and prevent unnecessary death.


The devices that collect data in the field and on the animals can be extremely low power, making solar an ideal power source to extend or replace required batteries. Our Dev Kits, Classic Application, or WeatherPro series panels are a great start for smart Ag applications.


Solar Compatible Applications

  • Cattle/Herd Monitoring

  • Field Monitoring 

  • Irrigation Systems

  • Greenhouse Monitoring/Control

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Power: 180mW

Operating Voltage: 3.6V

Current: 50mA

Weight: 0.06oz / 1.70g

Power: 34mW

Operating Voltage: 2.4V

Current: 14.2mA

Weight: 0.02oz / 0.40g

Power: 864mW

Operating Voltage: 7.2V

Current: 120mA

Weight: 1.10oz / 31.18g


Power: 3.08W

Operating Voltage: 15.4V

Current: 200mA

Weight: 3.30oz / 93.55g

200 Lux

Power: 0.166mW

Operating Voltage: 2.1V

Current: 0.079mA

Weight: 0.04oz / 1.13g

200 Lux

Power: 0.289mW

Operating Voltage: 1.6V

Current: 0.181mA

Weight: 0.06oz / 1.70g

Power: 45mW

Operating Voltage: 2.4V

Current: 18.6mA

Weight: 0.01oz / 0.40g


Power: 70mW

Operating Voltage: 1.2V

Current: 50.8mA

Weight: 0.02oz / 0.58g


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