Solar Development Kit with Nordic BLE (DEV-BLE-NS)

Solar Development Kit with Nordic BLE

Kit Contents

  • DEV-BLE-NS circuit board assembly
  • (2) LL200-3.6-75 Indoor Solar Panel with 6” leads
  • (2) ONP2.4-15x94 Classic Application Solar Panel with 6” leads
  • 60mAh rechargeable Li-Polymer battery
  • Instructions, hardware and software files, and product documentation
  • Description
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  • The Solar Development Kit with Nordic BLE (DEV-BLE-NS) is a complete energy harvesting power management solution and Nordic nRF52832 BLE development platform. It is perfect for developers looking to design or add PowerFilm’s flexible solar to Nordic BLE products. This complete energy harvesting solution can operate in dim indoor environments when using our Indoor Light panels and outdoors using the Classic Application panels. 


    The kit can efficiently extract power, charge a variety of storage elements, and supply power to the BLE circuit. It includes two user-selectable energy harvesting modules, one implementing the BQ25570 PMIC and the other being a dedicated ‘Cap-Charger’ for batteryless applications. 


    The kit is fully compatible with Nordic’s development tools and is programmed with a low-power optimized HRM demo.


    Panel Specifications


    Indoor Series


    1000 lux:

    • 1.354mW
    • 0.423mA
    • 3.2V

    200 lux:

    • 0.206mW
    • 0.086mA
    • 2.4V

    Classic Application


    100% Sun

    • 45mW
    • 18.6mA
    • 2.4V

    25% Sun

    • 10.1mW
    • 4.2mA
    • 2.4V

    System Diagram

    Solar Development Kit with Nordic BLE Diagram


    Board Layout

    Solar Development Kit with Nordic BLE Board Layout (300 x 150)


    Use Cases - Power Source For

    Wireless connectivity is now standard in modern electronics and the growing IoT and sensing industries. Many applications in this area are very low power and can run entirely off a solar energy harvesting solution.

    • BLE Beacons and Tags
    • Smart Windows and Shades
    • E-Paper Displays
    • Wireless Sensors
    • Telematics
    • Wearables
    • Smart Locks
    • Field and Herd Monitoring
    • Thermostats
    • Other Low Power Electronics


    nRF52832 Nordic BLE Module

    Fully functional BLE module configured for ultra-low-power operation. Connects to iOS and Android devices through Nordic’s

    example mobile applications.

    • iOS and Android connectivity
    • IO Break-out connectors for additional sensors or components
    • Segger Embedded Studio project solution files
    • Small footprint with compact meandering antenna design


    Energy Harvesting Modules

    Includes the two charging circuits detailed below. The first is a custom battery-free capacitor charger (“Cap-Charger”), and the second implements TI’s BQ25570 energy harvesting/power management IC and is identical to the Solar Development Kit. The desired charging circuit can be chosen with jumper J1.



    This custom circuit allows the Indoor Solar Development Kit with Nordic BLE to operate without a storage element connected, instead using two 220uF surface mount capacitors.

    • Up to 2x performance vs. standard energy harvesting IC solutions
    • Rapid charging during initial off state (0-2V)
    • Low voltage load disconnect with hysteresis and high voltage charge termination
    • Low cost and small footprint


    BQ25570 Energy Harvesting and Power Management IC

    This module is identical to the Indoor Solar Development Kit. The BQ25570 IC uses nano-power boost charging technology to efficiently extract energy from the indoor solar. At the same time, the integrated power management can be configured to charge a connected storage element and provide a power output to connect external electronics. Compatible storage elements include Lithium-based rechargeable batteries, thin-film batteries and supercapacitors.

    • MPPT Input with a low voltage boost converter
    • Regulated power output (default 3V)
    • Integrated battery charger (default 4.2V Li-ion) with low voltage load disconnect and high voltage charge termination


    IV Curves


    Indoor Series

    LL200-3.6-75 IV Curve


    Classic Application

    ONP2.4-15x94 IV Curve 25% & Full Sun


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  • Solar Development Kit with Nordic BLE Spec Sheet

    Solar Development Kit with Nordic BLE Quick Start Guide

    Solar Development Kit with Nordic BLE Operation Guide

    IC (BQ25570) Data Sheet

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