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Indoor Light Series

Indoor solar development kit transmitting data to a mobile app in a warehouse


The Indoor Light Series opens new opportunities for developing remote power solutions in low light and indoor applications. These panels are identical to the Classic Application Series but are optimized to harvest artificial indoor light instead of sunlight. They can provide energy collection at light levels down to 200 lux and below, making them useful for almost any indoor environment.


Whether you need advice on battery sizing and chemistry or circuit design using any of the leading energy-harvesting chips on the market today, we can help. We also offer development kits that will take you from IoT concept to product faster.


With industry-leading performance, these panels are ideal to integrate with ultra-low power wireless devices, sensors, and electronics. For application notes and examples, check out our Indoor Solar Development Kits which make prototyping and experimenting with these panels simple.


Indoor Light Series panels are compatible with all common indoor light sources including LED, fluorescent, incandescent, halogen, and indirect sunlight. All panels are tested and are guaranteed to perform in dim 200 lux and brighter 1000 lux environments.


Four standard sizes are offered. Additionally, there are a wide range of custom options available.


If you are working on indoor applications we can provide additional support in designing your solution. Contact us for more information.


Indoor Light Series Spec Sheet

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200 Lux

Power: 0.166mW

Operating Voltage: 2.1V

Current: 0.079mA

Weight: 0.04oz / 1.13g

200 Lux

Power: 0.289mW

Operating Voltage: 1.6V

Current: 0.181mA

Weight: 0.06oz / 1.70g

200 Lux

Power: 0.133mW

Operating Voltage: 3.2V

Current: 0.041mA

Weight: 0.04oz / 1.13g

200 Lux

Power: 0.206mW

Operating Voltage: 2.4V

Current: 0.086mA

Weight: 0.05oz / 1.42g

200 Lux

Power: 0.068mW

Operating Voltage: 1.6V

Current: 0.043mA

Weight: 0.03oz / 0.70g

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