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What's New?

Click here for information on the soon to be released LightSaver Max!


About PowerFilm

PowerFilm Solar designs and manufactures unique thin-film, flexible solar panels and custom solar power solutions for a wide range of needs. 

Portable solar panels from PowerFilm offer best-in-class performance for applications such as camping and backpacking. These are reliable, compact, and lightweight solar panels that offer high performance solar power even in extreme environments.   

Custom solar modules are designed to meet the specific needs of customers who wish to add reliable solar power to their products. With almost three decades of development success and engineering expertise, PowerFilm is the industry leader in lightweight, low profile, and durable solar modules. PowerFilm’s product development team works with clients to create customized solar power applications. Examples include the  Japanese Space Agency’s solar sail, Sea Eagle’s solar powered inflatable boat motors, and solar golf cart tops for E-Z-Go.  

Full power packages including solar, battery storage, and power conversion electronics are also designed and provided by PowerFilm. Working with industry partners, PowerFilm designs and provides total solar power systems and engineered solutions. Examples include the PowerSync product line for Bushnell Outdoor Products and the PowerShade and Balance of Systems created for the US Military. 

Military markets are served by a wide range of portable solar modules for dismounted soldiers and deployable modules integrated into shelters.


Why PowerFilm?

The solar industry has seen its fair share of ups and downs, resulting in US solar companies closing their doors and makers of low-grade, imported solar making lofty claims only to fall short in overall performance, durability and reliability.  PowerFilm has been in business producing solar material and products since 1988, using amorphous silicon technology. This technology produces a product that has a number of advantages over alternative solar options. Click here for more information 

Why Amorphous?

There are several different types of solar technologies on the market, each having characteristics that fit certain applications. When determining which technology is best suited to a particular application, consider the attributes that PowerFilm's amorphous silicon offers. Click here for more information

What's New?

PowerFilm is always looking at ways to meet the needs of the markets we serve. Take a look at our new product offerings.

LightSaver Consumer Product Line

The LightSaver is one of several products in our new line of portable solar power charging. The line will expand in 2016 with the release of the LightSaver Pocket and LightSaver Max.  Click here for additional details.

Low-Light Solar Capabilities

Solar without the sun is really possible and has a variety of applications that make it ideal a number of situations. Click here for additional details

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