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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a broad and growing category of connected electronics aimed at making many industries operate more efficiently and allowing consumers to enjoy increased convenience. 


Because the devices used in IoT are often extremely low power, light energy outdoors and indoors can be used to extend or replace traditional batteries, making long term maintenance-free solutions possible. 


Building Automation


Whether in the home, at the office, or in an industrial plant, connected electronics are automating how these places operate. Solar harvesting can keep these devices running maintenance-free for many years after a traditional battery would die. 


Asset Management


Solar harvesting enables long term, maintenance-free tracking, and monitoring of assets and equipment. PowerFilm can provide the rugged durability needed for outdoor environments or the high performance required for indoor artificial light-harvesting. 




Bright retail spaces are an ideal environment for indoor solar, which can power electronic price labels, product tags, beacons, and other low power devices needed in retail IoT solutions.




PowerFilm’s unique thin-film technology is extremely durable, shade tolerant, and lightweight, making it an ideal solution for the harsh outdoor environments seen by devices used in Smart Agriculture applications.


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