About Us

PowerFilm specializes in designing, engineering, manufacturing, and assembly of custom solar solutions. A US-based company with over 200 staff years of technical expertise, PowerFilm delivers innovative remote, portable power solutions to meet client needs.


PowerFilm’s proprietary manufacturing provides custom amorphous silicon panels that work in any light environment, including the indoor, industrial lighting of many IoT sensor applications.


Celebrating thirty years in business, PowerFilm is proud to be one of the few US-based solar manufacturing companies operating today.


The Soltronix brand brings PowerFilm expertise, innovation, and commitment to US-based semi-flexible crystalline silicon solutions. Soltronix brings you complete solutions to fit your application, including panels, encapsulation, semi-flexible substrates, proprietary PowerBoost charge controllers, and the collaboration and customer service you expect from a US-based company.


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Core Competencies


Solar expertise

  • A global leader in proprietary, custom manufacturing flexible amorphous silicon (a-Si) material. PowerFilm provides solutions from uW to kW, from panels an inch square to yards square.

  • Custom design and assembly of semi-flexible crystalline silicon (c-Si) solutions, from 18W to 300W+, leveraging the advantages of full-cell assemblies with integrated charge controllers.

  • Experience with R&D and assembly of GaAs technologies.


Technical expertise

  • Industry-leading designs and solar solutions across multiple technologies and countless applications.

  • Dedicated staff-level expertise in EE and ME design, prototyping, and manufacturing.

  • Recognized, ongoing partner in many US government R&D initiatives.

  • Experienced with a wide range of laminates, adhesives, substrates, and interconnect options.

  • Complementary electronics expertise, including recommendations and sourcing of various battery capacities and chemistry, custom-built and off-the-shelf charge controllers, energy harvesting PMIC recommendations, connectors, and cabling.


Business expertise

  • 30+ years as a US-based company designing, engineering, manufacturing, distributing, supporting, and improving solar technology and custom solutions.

  • US-based facility, including all design, engineering, production, and customer support.

  • Serving remote, portable energy needs across government, industrial, commercial, and consumer markets.


Markets Served



  • From our founding based on DOE research, the US government has been a consistent PowerFIlm partner and customer.

  • PowerFilm products meet and exceed MIL-STD-810G specifications.

  • PowerFilm a-Si provides critical advantages for the US military and her NATO allies:  flexibility in form factors, durability necessary in harsh conditions, and the lightweight critical to expeditionary forces.

  • Technology agnostic, with extensive experience in not only aSi but also c-Si, HIT, and GaAs photovoltaic product design, engineering, and production.

  • Solutions are offered across man-portable, basing, and vehicle needs.



  • Our technology and engineering expertise provide quick understanding and response to your application needs -- needs in power, supporting electronics, in performance under varying environmental conditions.

  • PowerFilm’s ownership of the process from design to manufacturing enables us to quickly prototype to your requirements, providing solutions in the quantities you need as your business evolves.

  • Panels of nearly any size and power profile, on the substrate you select, with the encapsulation you need, in a flexible form factor, in the quantities you choose.

  • Beyond the panel, PowerFilm offers a full consultation and delivery on the complete electronics package you need -- battery chemistry and capacity, charge controllers, embedded circuit boards, and even custom cabling and connectors.

  • PowerFilm offers unique c-Si solutions under Soltronix that combine industry-leading SunPower ® solar cells and custom-built charge controllers to match your system voltage needs while maintaining the efficiency available only in full-cell designs.



  • Beyond custom solutions, PowerFilm offers a range of off-the-shelf products to serve portable power.

  • Products have been certified across a range of consumer and military standards.

  • Form factors include rollable and foldable products, integrated solutions with embedded electronics, accessory cables and supporting electronics, and a limited range of individual aSi panels.