Custom Solar Panel Design Tool

The Custom Solar Panel Design Tool was created to design small solar modules.  Modules can be connected in series if larger powers are required, like in PowerFilm’s Foldable and Rollable product lines.


Want to learn more about the design tool and how to use it? Read our blog post or watch our how-to video.


NOTE: If designing an outdoor panel, please select "Tandem Junction" below.



Panel Voltage Output voltage depends on the number of cells a panel has. Each cell adds either 0.6V or 1.2V depending if the material is single or tandem junction.
Number of Cells


Tandem Junction
Single Junction

Panel Current Panel current is determined by the surface area of the cells. Cells can vary in length up to 40mm, while width is limited to 292mm maximum. Single junction material will produce twice as much current as tandem junction material, but at half the voltage.
Cell Length Our standard cell lengths are 10mm, 20mm, and 40mm. Please contact PowerFilm for non-standard cell length options.


Cell Width We offer several standard widths that are designed to minimize scrap and cost in our manufacturing process. Please contact PowerFilm to discuss non-standard width options.



Operating Environment PowerFilm manufactures two variations of amorphous silicon solar material, one optimized for indoor, artificial light and the other optimized for outdoor sunlight.

Additional OptionsAs part of PowerFilm's custom design and manufacturinig capabilities we offer a wide range of additional options for your panels. These are some of the most common.
UV ProtectionFor outdoor mounted panels, PowerFilm recommends a UV blocking top laminate which will not yellow or break down over time. Panels can also be protected if placed in a clear UV blocking enclosure.

Weather SealFor protection against the elements, PowerFilm can apply an IP67 weather seal around the edges of the panel. Mounting the panel in a weathertight enclosure can also provide adaquate protection.

Front/Backside ContactsStandard panels are completely covered in laminate, including the +/- busbars. This laminate must be soldered through or removed to make a connection. PowerFilm can provide exposed contact points at any location on the front or backside of the busbars, making surface mount or mechanical connection easier.

Black Busbar TapeMetalic busbars can be covered with black tape to give the panel a black finish.

Adhesive BackingPowerFilm offers a variety of adhesive options for simple 'peel and stick' installation.

Custom Die CutWhile solar cells are typically rectangular, the substrate around each panel can be easily cut into different shapes. For example, fold over tabs and extended busbars are commonly used to simplify connection.

Busbar WidthThe two busbars provide positive and negative (+ / -) electrical connections. For panels less than 500mA, width will not affect performance and is only a mechanical/cosmetic preference.


Approximate MOQ:
2801 unitsMOQ for volume orders is proportional to panel size. Prototyping options are available for smaller quantities. MOQ may not apply to standard panel sizes, see for a list of standard panels.

Dimensions: 74mm x 73mm

Power Specs: 50mA, 3.6V (180mW)