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Government & DoD

Since PowerFilm’s beginning over 30 years ago the US Department of Defense has been our largest lifetime customer. We have provided thousands of solar products for our warfighters and all the support equipment across a wide range of custom sizes, fabrics, encapsulations, and connectors. We use multiple PV technologies, including amorphous silicon, crystalline silicon, and gallium arsenide.




PowerFilm solar panels are lightweight, durable, can be carried in the rucksack, and recharge batteries reducing the weight and expense of batteries in the field. Our foldable panels range in output from 20W to 220W and 12V to 32V depending on a soldier or squadron’s needs.




PowerFilm solar panels support long-term motor pool storage, auxiliary power needs, lights, silent watch, unmanned ground vehicle batteries, and unmanned aerial vehicle batteries. Panels can include load balancing across multiple batteries, depending on a vehicle’s configuration.




Solar panels used on FOBs can dramatically reduce the need for fuel convoys saving time, money, and lives.


The PowerShade is ideal for communication hubs, first aid stations, maintenance bays, or any large area needing cover and solar power.


PowerFilm’s Portable Remote Expeditionary Scalable Solar (PRESS) is a base power solution that provides 250W using the highest efficiency crystalline cells available. These panels can be set up and chained together to create a solar field for forward operating bases (up to 2kW)

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