Electronic Component Solar Panels


The Electronic Component Product Family is perfectly positioned to fast-track an integrated solar project from concept to prototype to production.


Learn how much power our Electronic Component Solar Panels will generate in a given area.


This product family is well suited to power the wireless devices and sensors of the emerging IoT industry and many other battery-operated and remote electronics.


Electronic Component product series include Classic Application, Indoor Light, WeatherPro, and WeatherLite. Each has a unique feature set for different applications and environments.


The Indoor Light Series opens new opportunities for developing remote power solutions in low light and indoor applications.


The Classic Application Series offers a new opportunity to solve the old problem of limited power for wireless electronics designed for portable and remote applications.


The WeatherLite Series panel is lightweight, can be soldered from the back of the panel via extended copper tape, and has an extra edge seal for protection from the weather.


The WeatherPro Series is perfect for permanent outdoor applications directly exposed to the elements.


With a wide range of power, voltage, and current, stock panels are available to match common energy harvesting and battery charging circuitry. Panels have been selected from years of experience to provide the most versatility for various applications.


PowerFilm has an optimal solution for your application, whether outdoors or indoors.


Electronic Component Solar Panels will produce power based on the light available. Below is an example of what you can expect based on the number of Lux a panel is exposed to.


Electronic Component Solar Panel Handling


*200-1,000 Lux performance using Indoor Light Series only. 10,000 -100,000 lux performance using Classic Application, WeatherPro or WeatherLite*


Electronic Component Solar Panel Expected Power Generation Tables


power by lux 200-1000 lux


power by lux 10,000-100,000