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An infantry battalion spends more than $150,000 on batteries per year. It is estimated that the Army buys 200,000 custom designed batteries at about $50 for each radio. There are 14 types of batteries used to power radio and communication equipment and another 16 custom batteries used in vehicles and used to store power from generators. Use of PowerFilm's solar panels to recharge batteries can dramatically reduce the weight and expense associated with these batteries in the field.

PowerFilm solar panels are lightweight, durable and can be carried in the rucksack or cargo pocket and used to power all the war fighters individual or small unit C5ISR - Command and Control, Communications, Computers, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance.

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As COTS technology evolves, each system has added a certain battery to already 12 to 15 dedicated batteries to a 72 hour mission in Afghanistan. Soldiers carry up to 70 batteries to power C4ISR items. Battery weight can represent 20% of a Soldier's load. Solar panels can reduce this weight by reducing the number of batteries needed.

"Solar energy is a source of power that we don't have to carry to the fight - either on our bodies or in convoys -
it fills the Force Protection gap and becomes a combat multiplier."

- Soldier in the 101st Air Assault Division

PowerFilm is actively working with industry partners to develop products for the Army under PEO Soldier.

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