Semi-Flexible Solar Technology

semi-flexible solar panel on a trailer reefer unit

PowerFilm uses high-efficiency SunPower solar cells to better serve permanent and semi-permanent applications where power density, ruggedness, and cost are critical requirements.


Custom shapes and sizes range from 20-165W of solar. Panels can be connected in parallel to quickly create 1kW+ portable solar arrays. 


With integrated charge controllers available, PowerFilm’s semi-flexible crystalline solutions can connect directly to 12V, 24V, and other battery systems. 




High Power Density

  • 22% Efficient SunPower solar cells


  • Power: 20-165W per panel

  • Size: Custom Cell Layouts and Panel Shapes Available


  • Lower price per watt than thin-film material

Integrated Charge Controller

  • 12V and 24V lead-acid Battery Systems

Heat Dissipation

  • Copper Backplane Dissipates heat more effectively than standard c-Si PV cells. 


  • Weather and UV Proof

  • MIL-STD-810-G


  • With our custom fiberglass backing panels can be flexed to a 3’ diameter with no risk of degradation





The combination of ruggedness, power density, and cost make this technology well suited for trucking, rail, and vehicle applications.  

  • Refrigeration Units

  • Telematics sensors and Gateways

  • Lift Gates

  • Trickle Chargers

  • Auxiliary Power Units



The rugged weather seal of PowerFilm’s semi-flexible crystalline solutions makes them ideal for holding up to the extreme elements of a marine environment.

  • Battery Trickle Chargers

  • Trolling Motors

  • Boat Lifts

  • Dock Lights

  • Auxiliary Power


RV and Vehicle Charging

With a lightweight fiberglass substrate, this technology is lighter and easier to install than traditional rigid frame solar. 


Portable Power

PowerFilm’s crystalline technology can be designed in portable, compact configurations, ideal for higher power mobile applications.

  • Portable Base Power

  • Man-Portable Power