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The rapidly growing telematics industry tracks an ever-expanding set of data points from dozens or hundreds of vehicles in any given fleet. Beyond location, many telematics solutions also track detailed information about a vehicle or trailer's operational conditions or contents.


Solar power can be quickly delivered to the dedicated, rechargeable battery powering the telematics communication and sensor nodes to ensure the battery stays healthy and provides the energy needed for the telematics solution's continuous operation. As long as the vehicle or trailer is stored outside during defined intervals, the solar provides power to ensure a perpetual flow of data from the monitoring sensors in the solution.


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27W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel with Integrated Charge Controller

27W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel with Integrated Charge Controller (R3-8F13.7V)

Current: 1.5 - 2.0A

Voltage: 13.8V float, 14.5V max

Weight: 1.5lb / 0.7kg