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Limited Product Warranty

The duration of the Limited Warranty is from the date of initial purchase from PowerFilm, Inc. The foregoing warranty does not apply to any defect, failure, or damage caused by improper use, unauthorized modifications, neglect, improper testing, attempt to repair inadequate maintenance, or damage from accident, fire, abuse, or other hazards. An additional power output warranty may apply. Please visit the product-specific section below for details on the power output warranty and any other product-specific limitations. PowerFilm's sole obligation and liability for products failing to comply with this warranty shall be, at PowerFilm's choice to either repair the products or replace the defective product with a new or remanufactured equivalent at no charge, provided that the warranty procedures have been followed. To obtain service under this warranty, customers must return a failed unit to PowerFilm with the return authorization number, original proof of purchase, description of the failure, contact information, and a return shipping address. PowerFilm will return repaired or replacement product at PowerFilm's cost.


This warranty supersedes all warranty statements dated before August 2020.


Disclaimer of Warranties

Except as expressly outlined in this agreement, the products are provided on an "as is" basis and PowerFilm makes no warranty in connection with the subject matter of this agreement and hereby disclaims any and all implied or statutory warranties, including all implied warranties of title, non-infringement, quiet enjoyment, the accuracy of data, merchantability and fitness for a particular use of purpose regarding such subject matter. To the extent that a party may not, as a matter of applicable law, disclaim any implied warranty, the scope and duration of such warranty shall be the minimum permitted under such law.


Electronic Component Solar Panels

PowerFilm grants no warranty pass-through for any PowerFilm Electronic Component Solar Panels. Customer shall not pass through to its customers or any other third party the warranties made by PowerFilm and will expressly indicate to its customers that they must look solely to them (not PowerFilm) in connection with any problems, warranty claims, or other matters arising in relation to the modules.


Foldable Solar Panels / Rollable Solar Panels / PowerTour RV Solar Panels / PowerDrive Golf Car Solar Panels / Soltronix Solar Panels

PowerFilm, Inc. warrants that these PowerFilm® Solar products are free from defects in materials and workmanship that impact performance for one (1) year.

Power Output Warranty: PowerFilm warrants to the original purchaser that under standard PowerFilm test conditions, the PowerFilm® Solar product will produce 80% of the minimum rated output for the term of three (3) years. If PowerFilm determines that the PowerFilm® Solar product is not providing the warranted percentage of its specified minimum power output during the term of the warranty, PowerFilm will, at its sole option, repair the product, replace the product with a new or remanufactured equivalent, or provide a pro-rated discount on the purchase of replacement product.


LightSaver Portable Solar Chargers

PowerFilm, Inc. warrants that this PowerFilm® Solar product is free from defects in materials and workmanship that impact performance for a period of one (1) year.


The duration of the Limited Warranty is from the date of the initial purchase. To obtain a warranty from purchases made from our dealer/distributor network, a purchase receipt must be provided with the product.


Important notes:

  • The warranty offered by PowerFilm, Inc. applies only to the solar products sold by PowerFilm. The warranty does not apply to any device in which the solar product has been connected. Please be sure to check your device before connecting any solar panel for power requirements.

  • PowerFilm, Inc. makes no claims that our USB+AA Solar Charger is compatible with ALL USB devices. Our charger is built to fit the USB 2.0 specifications and will work with USB devices, adhering to the published specifications. Important – not all USB devices adhere to these specifications.

  • The PowerFilm, Inc. warranty does not cover products that have been misused. For proper use guidelines, please refer to the instructions included with each PowerFilm solar product.