Return Material Authorization Form


Claims Process

  1. Fill out the form above.

  2. Print your RMA submission if possible and include it in your return. If you can't print your RMA form, please write down and include your full name, best email address, and phone number to reach you.

  3. Send the product(s) with purchase sales receipt to PowerFilm, Inc. :
    PowerFilm, Inc.
    Attn: Warranty Claims
    1287 XE Place
    Ames, IA 50014

  4. *Shipping costs are the responsibility of the claimant unless otherwise noted.
    **Claims returned without a purchase sales receipt or outside of the warranty coverage period will not be processed

  5. All products returned will be thoroughly evaluated by the Quality Assurance Department. Please allow up to 30 days for proper evaluation.

  6. Valid warranty claims will result in repairing the product or a replacement product, equal or greater to the original product, being sent to the claimant. A prorated refund will be extended if no suitable replacement is available or repairs cannot be made.

Other important notes:

  • The warranty offered by PowerFilm, Inc. applies only to the solar products sold by PowerFilm. The warranty does not apply to any device to which the solar product has been connected. Please check your device's power requirements before connecting any solar panel.

  • PowerFilm, Inc. makes no claims that our USB Solar Chargers are compatible with ALL USB devices. Our charger is built to fit the USB 2.0 specification and will work with USB devices adhering to the published specification. Important – NOT ALL USB DEVICES ADHERE TO THESE SPECIFICATIONS

  • The PowerFilm, Inc. warranty does not cover products that have been misused. Please refer to the instructions included with each PowerFilm solar product for proper use guidelines.