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PowerFilm®, Inc. has a proud history of partnering with the Department of Defense in providing Basing, Vehicle and Soldier remote tactical power to meet current military energy needs while simultaneously evolving the company's solar energy solutions portfolio to anticipate military future needs. PowerFilm currently provides solar solutions for the entire spectrum of conflict, from Special Operations/Low Intensity Conflicts (SO/LIC) to Conventional Warfare, including Joint Missions in Africa and Afghanistan.

PowerFilm has long viewed Soldier Portable Power Technologies as key research and development areas and has sought to provide optimized power solutions for the soldier on the battlefield. This effort supports the U.S. Army's renewable energy goals and is in line with DoD's desire for industry to share basic and applied research, development and demonstration of lightweight, robust, cost effective power sources.

PowerFilm is pleased to state that 100 percent of its solar materials are produced in Ames, Iowa, USA. Furthermore, PowerFilm panels are run through a rigorous durability and performance testing program.

Solar power is a safe, sure, secure, survivable and sustainable energy source that is not only a cost savings measure, but also a combat multiplier and force protection imperative. PowerFilm welcomes every opportunity to assist government organizations and militaries as they aggressively move forward integrating novel energy systems in the operational environment.

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FM16-5400 90W foldable solar panel

Power: 90W
Current: 5.4A
Operating Voltage: 15.4V
Medium - Very Large

FM16-7200 120W foldable solar panel

Power: 120W

Operating Voltage:
Large - Very Large


Wattage: 1 kW, 2 kW, or 3 kW
Operating Voltage: 15.4
Small - Very Large

Solar Quad

Wattage: 190
12 Amps

Operating Voltage:

Small - Very Large

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