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Foldable Solar Panels

Foldable Solar Chargers are better suited for typically dry environments and must be dry when in use. For marine/wet applications, please reference PowerFilm's line of Rollable Solar Chargers.


AA Battery Foldable Solar Panel

Wattage: 2.2Current: 0.6 ampsOperating Voltage: 3.6AA batteries - AAA batteries w/ included accessory

USB + AA Foldable Solar Panel
Weight: (oz.) 4.9
Size: (in.) 5.5" x 3.25"
Deployed Length: (in.) 5.5" x 24"
Charge from Solar: 4 hours full sun
USB Outlets: 1 USB
Power Output: 5V, 500mA
Battery Type: 2, AA Rechargeable Batteries
F15-300N 5W foldable solar panel

Power: 5W
Current: 0.3A
Operating Voltage: 15.4V

F15-600 10W foldable solar panel

Power: 10W
Current: 0.6A
Operating Voltage: 15.4V
Small - Medium

F16-1200 20w foldable solar panel

Power: 20W
Current: 1.2A
Operating Voltage: 15.4V
Small - Medium

F16-1800 30W foldable solar panel

Power: 30W
Current: 1.8A
Operating Voltage: 15.4V
Small - Large

F16-3600 60W foldable solar panel

Power: 60W
Current: 3.6A

Operating Voltage: 15.4V
Small - Large

FM16-5400 90W foldable solar panel

Power: 90W
Current: 5.4A
Operating Voltage: 15.4V
Medium - Very Large

FM16-7200 120W foldable solar panel

Power: 120W

Operating Voltage:
Large - Very Large

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