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Basing Power

PowerShade solar tent over a mobile base tent

70% of the convoys in the theater of war are involved in "liquid logistics," the delivery of fuel and water. Solar panels used on FOBs can dramatically reduce the need for fuel convoys. One out of every 24 convoys in a combat zone results in a casualty. Transportation, convoy and security costs $100 to $400 per gallon in combat zones.

Marines in Afghanistan used about 200,000 gallons of fuel a day to power their "warfighting capabilities." The Forward Operating Bases used by the Marines required a minimum of 300 gallons of diesel each day. In one test,  the PowerShade reduced FOB fuel use from 20 gallons a day to 2 gallons a day.

Ideal for communication hubs, first aid stations, maintenance bays or any large area needing cover and solar power, the PowerShade is the operational choice of militaries everywhere. Capable of providing 1.8 kW to 5.4 kW, the PowerShade comes in two four-man lift portable sections and can be set up by a crew of five in less than one hour.

Besides providing electrical power from the integrated solar panels, the PowerShade structure provides a 20% environmental cooling factor. 

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