RC7.2-75 PSAF

RC7.2-75 PSAF
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  • This thin-film amorphous silicon flexible solar module is laminated with standard duty PET, edge seal, and exposed backside contacts. It’s well suited to collect direct sunlight and indirect light in shady areas. Protected against moisture and tolerant to limited, intermittent UV exposure. The RC7.2-75 PSAF comes with a pressure-sensitive adhesive backer for peel-and-stick installation.

    Electrical Specifications:

    Full Sun

    • Power: 864W

    • Operating Voltage: 7.2V

    • Current: 120mA

    1/4 Sun

    • Power: 194mW

    • Operating Voltage: 7.2V

    • Current: 27.0mA

    All Levels

    • Average Voc: 10.5V

    • Maximum Voc: 11.1V

    • Isc: 154mA

    Physical Specifications:

    • Dimensions: 271.0 x 92.0 (mm) / 10.67 x 3.62 (in)

    • Weight: 0.30oz / 8.50g

    • Thickness: 0.24mm

    IV Curve

    RC7.2-75 PSAF IV Curve

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