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Amorphous Silicon Solar Advantages


  • The thin film nature of amorphous silicon make it incredibly light and adaptable to different surfaces as a simple/cost effective installation

  • No requirements for glass or rigid framing

  • Critical in portable applications


  • Thin film solar panels are incredibly flexible due to PowerFilm’s unique manufacturing process

  • Allow numerous configurations and applications for solar material

  • See product videos, photos, samples

Light Sensitivity

  • Amorphous Si collects more energy in lower light situations than other technologies

  • Specific PowerFilm material will work in indoor light down to 200 lux

  • Outperforms crystalline and other thin film technologies in many real-world environments collecting energy in cloudy, shady, hazy environments where crystalline panels will not

  • QE Plot - Light Intensity - Temperature Performances

  • See shading video here

Below (top) shows a spectral comparison of the different light sources. Below (bottom) shows the quantum efficiency a-Si, c-Si, CIGS, and GaAs Solar Technology

Grap showing Light spectrum of the Sun, LEDs, Fluorescents, and Incandescents                        Graph showing the Quantum efficiency of a-Si, c-Si, CIGS, and GaAs Solar Technology


  • Monolithic construction makes panels very resilient to damage

  • Damage to individual area shuts down the damaged area not the entire solar panel producing power after being punctured or scratched

  • Critical in potentially high-stress environments or applications

  • See video of panel getting shot here

Temperature Resistant

  • All solar material has a temperature coefficient. And, while all panels become less efficient as they get hotter, Amorphous Si is less sensitive to high temperatures than crystalline (0.19% v 0.50% degradation per degree C over 25C)

  • Amorphous Si will perform closer to specifications in high-temperature applications and environments

  • Overall performance through a normal day of outdoor exposure will be greater than crystalline per rated watt

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