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Smart Bike Lock

Ellipse solar powered bike lock being used by biker

The Challenge:

Lattis wanted to improve a product that arguably hadn’t been innovated since its inception -- the bike lock. For years the bike lock was a large cumbersome device that served a single purpose, keeping things secure with varying degrees of success.

With the advent of the Internet of Things and consumers carrying incredibly powerful computers in their pockets (smartphones), Lattis identified the opportunity to create a smart bike lock, the Ellipse, featuring theft reporting, notifications if a friend using the device was involved in a crash and many other features.

In order to ensure the lock could achieve its full potential, continuous charging and power consumption were vitally important in the design process. Lattis wanted to make their smart lock battery last as long as possible, freeing consumers from having to worry about battery life and running the risk of the lock dying and being rendered useless.

Lattis needed an inherently flexible solar panel conforming to their curved design. Additionally, it was important the solar wouldn’t distract from the overall cosmetic appeal and industrial design of the Ellipse. They also needed a panel able to harvest energy from any outdoor location, often in the shade and not positioned directly facing the sun.


The Approach:

After consulting with PowerFilm to create a solution, amorphous silicon was selected to fulfill the their design and energy requirements.


The Solution:

PowerFilm provided an Electronic Component Solar Panel designed to fit Lattis’ unique needs. This panel fits their form factor and creates the necessary power to keep the Ellipse active for years to come. PowerFilm collaborated on design requirements and provided rapid prototyping, enabling the Ellipse get to market quickly and with a product consumers love.


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