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High Altitude Balloon

Loon Project solar powered inflatable balloon

The Challenge: 

High-altitude balloons and airships rely on an increasing amount of electronics to perform critical functions in an extremely challenging environment. GPS, instrumentation, radio equipment and other electronics systems require a robust solar power system. Customers need a power source that is lightweight and reliable.


The Approach:

PowerFilm's product development team has worked with a number of organizations who require solar power for high altitude balloons. We have responded by designing custom, extremely lightweight modules and attachment methods to meet their specific needs. These applications call for some of our lightest weight substrates and encapsulation materials. A key design feature for this application, beyond the basic module voltage and current capability, is a wiring harness that collects the power and gets it to the appropriate location with minimal loss.


The Solution: 

Organizations that require lightweight and reliable solar power for high altitude balloons have discovered that PowerFilm Solar works with them to deliver the power they need in a demanding environment.


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