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Electric Boat

Solar panel on the canopy of a Torqeedo electric inflatable boat

The Challenge:

A leading manufacturer of inflatable boats and kayaks for the outdoor/recreational water sports market wanted to combine their products with Torqeedo electric propulsion motors. With this package, customers would be able to experience the fun of small-craft boating without the hassle of gasoline engines. PowerFilm worked with both the boat manufacturer and the motor manufacturer to develop a solution that would fit this market. Solar panel technologies such as crystalline panels would not work well in this application due to the weight, thickness and other limitations.


The Approach:

PowerFilm created a solar panel which serves as part of the top canopy for the boat. The canopy now serves double duty as shade and a solar power source for the boat's electric motor. This solar module uses highly durable encapsulation material for long life in outdoor installations and saltwater environments.


The Solution:

PowerFilm's solution has enabled these companies to revolutionize the boating industry by offering a solar power package that is environmentally friendly, easily installed by customers and meets their unique needs.


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