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July 18, 2018

July 22, 2018 - July 26, 2018
Location: Denver, Colorado

Stop by July 23-26th and hear more about how PowerFilm provides the perfect lightweight solutions to power all your portable electronics.

Interested in adding solar to your product? We specialize in custom solutions for businesses and would love to discuss you vision. 

If you would like to get together and discuss what we can do for you, please email Director of Distributor Relations, Julia Stone, to set up a meeting.

Location: Colorado Convention Center

Booth: 42111-UL

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July 24, 2018, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Location: Ames, Iowa

Stop by our booth along the RAGBRAI route this year to learn more about the value of solar for cyclists and pick up a LightSaver Portable Solar Charger or LightSaver Max Portable Solar Charger.

Interested in getting yours earlier? Enter promo code BIKE20 to save 20% off either the LightSaver or the LightSaver Max.

We will be located in the Iowa State Center Parking in the Welcome Area in Lot 85E South of South 4th Street.

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