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PowerFilm LightSaver: Remote Power Solved

Hear President and Co-Founder, Frank Jeffrey, speak a little bit about what makes the PowerFilm LightSaver unique and special compared to other solar chargers on the market today.


Solar Camping: PowerFilm USB+AA Solar Charger

Watch as we introduce our USB+AA Solar Charger to some unsuspecting camper and hikers and Ledges State Park and show them how easy it is to use solar energy to stay connected when you're off the grid.


Solar Golf Cart Panel Installation Instructions


Got yourself a new PowerFilm Solar Golf Top to help charger your golf cart batteries but need a little help installing it? No worries. Watch this east step-by-step video to help walk you through installing your new PowerFilm Solar Golf Panel and you'll be charging the course longer and extending the life of your batteries in no time.

Duration: 4.43 min.

Solar Time Lapse Video Crystalline Solar Panel vs. PowerFilm

We used an 80 watt crystalline panel alongside our 45 watt amorphous silicon panel to see what the effective power output over the course of one average day with minor shadowing would be for each. Interestingly the lower wattage "less efficient" PowerFilm panel produced more power to the battery under the same conditions as the crystalline panel. Showing that the panel efficiency isn't the most important consideration when rating solar panel effectiveness.

Duration: 3.83 min.


PowerFilm, making boating brighter and greener

Display video created for our booth at the Miami Boat Show 2012. This video shows a number of ways that PowerFilm solar technology can be used in marine environments. Keep the Power On with PowerFilm

Duration: 5.43 min.


PowerFilm Solar and Sea Eagle Fast Track Kayak

PowerFilm is proud to work with SeaEagle and this video displays the latest result from our partnership, the SeaEagle Fast Track. The Fast Track is unique in that it offers three modes of propulsion: Oars, Wind (via a sail), and electric motor - the motor is charged while the boat is on the water with a PowerFilm 23W waterproof, lightweight solar panel. Keep the Power On with PowerFilm. In addition you will see another innovation from SeaEagle - a color powered yacht tender - again utilizing PowerFilm solar technology to keep you on the water!

Duration: 7.45 min.


Solar Golf Top Fun

We put one of our solar chargers designed for use with electric golf carts to the test using the appropriate equipment...

Duration: 0.95 min.


How to Solder PowerFilm OEM solar modules

A quick demonstration to show how you can properly solder our OEM solar modules.

Duration: 2.42 min.


PowerFilm Open House - Products

More from our open house...

Duration: 0.75 min.


PowerFilm Golf Carts

A quick look at the latest design for solar modules specifically designed for electric carts. A new approach to solar for golf carts and other electric carts, low profile, durable, weather proof, easy to install...

Duration: 1.10 min.


PowerFilm Open House - VIP Comments

A brief video from our recent open house attended by Congressman Latham, Lt. Gov. Reynolds, and Iowa Economic Development Director Debi Durham.

Duration: 1.23 min.


PowerFilm Rollable Solar Charger "How To"

A brief video providing more information about the PowerFilm Rollable Solar Chargers and how to use in application.

Duration: 2.23 min.


PowerFilm Foldable Solar Charger "How To"

A brief video providing more information about the PowerFilm Foldable Solar Chargers and how to use in application. The application in this video depicts a solar charging solution for laptop computers.

Duration: 2.43 min.


PowerFilm USB+AA Description and "How To"

A brief rundown of the PowerFilm USB+AA Solar Charger and demonstration for how to use the USB charging capability

Duration: 2.32 min.


PowerFilm 20 Watt Foldable vs. FTL/Ascent Solar 20 Watt Foldable

We tested our 20 watt foldable against the new FTL foldable 20 watt (using Ascent Solar CIGS technology) to see how they match up - same day, same conditions. Interesting results, especially comparing the panel we shot full of holes in a previous video.

Duration: 2.45 min.


PowerFilm Corporate Profile

Learn more about PowerFilm, Inc.

Duration: 0.52 min.


Extreme testing of the PowerFilm 20 watt foldable solar panel

We tested the power output of the PowerFilm 20 watt foldable solar panel before and after shooting the panel with a .40 cal Glock in each panel to demonstrate the durability of PowerFilm solar panels.

Duration: 1.52 min.


Extreme testing of the PowerFilm 7 watt rollable solar panel

We took our 7 watt rollable solar charger and tested the power output before and after shooting the panel nine times with a .40 cal Glock to show the durability of PowerFilm solar panels.

Duration: 1.47 min.


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