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Indoor Solar Development Kit (DEV-IN-BASIC)

Indoor Solar Development Kit (DEV-IN-BASIC)
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PowerFilm's Research and Development Engineer, Sam Jones, demonstrates the Indoor Solar Development Kit and a few of the many different devices it can power.


The Indoor Solar Development Kit makes integrating indoor solar into electronics simple. It consists of an energy harvesting module with integrated power management designed and optimized for Indoor Series Solar Panels. 


The DEV-IN-BASIC kit uses a nano-power boost charging technology to efficiently extract energy from the indoor solar, even in dimly lit environments down to 200 lux and below. The integrated power management can be configured to store the collected energy into various storage element technologies. An output power rail is used to provide power to external electronics. 


Development Kit Layout


Indoor Solar Development Kit layout


What can I power?

Low power IoT electronics – wireless modules and beacons, sensors, switches, detectors, alarms, controllers, remotes, LED indicators etc.

Small actuators used in door locks, dispensers, automatic faucets, clocks, fans, etc. 



Nano power DC-DC boost charger, with 100mV minimum input voltage.
Integrated power management.

Compatible with Li-ion, LiFePo, Thin-Film, capacitor and supercapacitor rechargeable battery technologies.
Adjustable battery under-voltage protection and load disconnect with hysteresis. 


Adjustable battery overvoltage protection.


Regulated output power rail with adjustable output voltage.
All you need is a screwdriver to jump-start your idea into reality.


Use Cases

Designed for artificial lighting.

Capable of powering low power wireless RF modules and sensors.

Well suited for applications with intermittent high current pulsing common in most wireless protocol.


What’s In The Kit?




- (2) LL200-3-37 Indoor Solar Panel with Leads


- Model: DTP301120

- Nominal Voltage: 3.7V

- Typical Capacity: 40 mAh

- Includes protection circuit

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