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Made to install easily on any RV, a simple butyl adhesive on the back of the panel allows for the panel to be stuck in place without any heavy, cumbersome mounting hardware. PowerTour RV Solar Panels allow you to charge your batteries whether driving or stopped and offset power loss, such as a smoke detector, propane detector, clocks, and other items that naturally drain your battery.


*No international shipments for online purchases. Continental United States only. For delivery to other locations, please order via Solarmade or California PC.

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Wattage: 42W

Current: 2.7A

Voltage: 15.4V

Weight: 4.6lb / 2.1kg


Wattage: 60W

Current: 3.9A

Voltage: 15.4V

Weight: 6.0lb / 2.9kg

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