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Mobile Power Stations

This model of RIVER Mobile Power Station has been discontinued and we are qualifying the RIVER 370 replacement. We are also looking at other portable batteries that provide reliable storage and meet the needs of our customers. 
River Mobile Power and amorphous silicon thin film foldable solar panel

Pair the PowerFilm 60 Watt Foldable Solar Panel with the RIVER Portable Power Station and you have a lightweight system to stay powered up wherever you go.


"Imagine trying to haul a 100+ pound battery from the backseat of your truck to inside someone’s house to charge. Or hauling it into your camper to charge your laptop. This was our life before the EcoFlow RIVER portable battery and PowerFilm foldable solar panel. This bundle has given us the flexibility and portability to charge and carry it anywhere we travel. Because it is so portable, we can now charge our RIVER battery any way that makes sense for us at the time: from the desert sun with our foldable PowerFilm solar panel, to driving down the road plugged in to our adhesive PowerFilm solar panel on the roof of our truck, to a coffee shop using traditional AC power when it’s a cloudy day.


We’ve charged both our laptops for hours and still had battery left to power a fan all night before having to recharge. We use it for our blender, tv, curling iron, heater, and device charging of all types. Being digital nomads, we can say without a doubt the RIVER and foldable PowerFilm solar panel have been the most important tools we’ve brought with us on the road, allowing us to go deeper into the wild than we could have hoped. We’ve never loved 11 pounds more."


- Justin + Ariele, Wild We Wander


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