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We have shifted part of our production capacity to manufacture face shields. We deal with optically clear plastics as part of our solar business and have extensive experience with these materials. 


Our mold partner, PDP, in Newton, Iowa, has donated the mold tooling, and we have donated the die-cut tooling to make these face shields. 


The original design came from Erik Cederberg / 3DVerkstan in Sweden as part of the response to COVID-19. They gave global permission to manufacture the shield since it has become a critical item in short supply. 


This unit has been approved in Iowa by University of Iowa Dentistry, McFarland Clinic, Story County Hospital, Story County Sheriff Department, and Green Hills Retirement Community.


Pricing subject to availability and changing costs of raw materials. Orders must be in 25-lot sizes. 


If you live in the Ames area and want to purchase single units (or fewer than 25) please visit Wheatsfield Cooperative who is selling our face shields at their location:

413 Northwestern Ave

Ames Iowa 50010



If you are tax exempt and would like to place an order, please email weborder@powerfilmsolar.com with the model of shield you would like, the quantity, and attach your uniform sales tax certificate. We will reach out via email confirming your order has been placed.


For orders over 1,500, please call Seth Hansen at 515-292-7606 extension 172


Unsure if face shields are the best PPE for your organization?

ContagionLive: "Universal Face Shields: A Better Option for COVID-19 Containment?"

Business Insider: "Face shields may be better than homemade masks. Here's why we should all try one on"

WebMD: "Face Shields May Be Next Step to Prevent COVID"


COVID-19 FDA Face Shield Approval



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