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250W PRESS (RP-80F4328F)

PRESS Solar Panel Deployed

PowerFilm’s Portable Remote Expeditionary Scalable Solar (PRESS) provides 250W using the highest efficiency crystalline cells available. PowerFilm’s PRESS provides either a direct, unregulated panel output or a regulated output through an integrated charge controller. Both outputs include blocking diodes, eliminating any reverse current flow.


The unregulated output can be combined in series or parallel to scale a solution to meet specific requirements, including a four-system array that provides greater than 1kW @160V as required by common inverters.


The regulated output through the integrated charge controller supports traditional 24V systems. The charge controller can be designed to output other voltages as required. Custom, dedicated cables are available to connect any number of PRESS modules together using either the regulated or unregulated output.


PowerFilm’s PRESS is lighter, more durable, and faster to set up and tear down than other solutions on the market. It also withstands wind loads up to 50 mph in any direction when the base is properly weighted. PowerFilm’s PRESS is the perfect, portable lightweight field solution to generate power quickly and efficiently.

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  • 43V Configuration

    • Rated Voltage at Pmax: 41.6V

    • Rated Current at Pmax: 6.0A

    • Open Circuit Voltage: 54V

    • Short Circuit Current: 6.4A

  • 24V Configuration

    • Maximum Voltage: 28V

    • Charge Current: 9.0A


  • Dimensions

    • Stowed: 44.5 x 28.1 x 2.0 (in) / 1,130.3 x 713.7 x 50.8 (mm)

    • Deployed: 56.2 x 44.5 x 1.0 (in) / 1,427.5 x 1,130.3 x 25.4 (mm)

  • Weight

    • 28.0 lbs / 12.7 kg


  • Temperature Coefficient for Power: - 0.32 (%/C)

  • Temperature Coefficient for Voltage:- 1.8 (mV/C)

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