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100 Watt Solar Panel

Soltronix 100W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel
SKU: RP-32F16.6V

The Soltronix 100W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel brings together PowerFilm’s 30 years in the solar industry with custom solutions using SunPower-designed monocrystalline (c-Si) solar cells.

Pair your 100 Watt panel with the 10A charge controller to ensure safe charging.

Leveraging our deep expertise in custom encapsulations, varied substrates, and total electronics, The Soltronix 100 Watt Solar Panel provides unsurpassed efficiency delivering more power to your system.

How the solar panel works:

  1. Place the solar panel in the sun.

  2. Connect the solar panel to a SunSaver-10 (CC12V-10) to your solar panel and the charge controller to a 12V battery using the included 15 ft. Extension Cord with O-ring Connectors (RA-11) for charging and power storage.

  3. Charge additional devices using PowerFilm accessories.

What's in the package:

  • 100W Solar Panel

  • 15 ft. Extension Cord with O-ring Connectors

Best Uses:

  • 12V battery charging

Suggested accessories:

  • 15 ft. Extension Cord with Alligator Clips (RA-8)

Power Specifications

  • Rated Voltage at Pmax: 18.1 V

  • Rated Current at Pmax: 5.3 A

  • Open Circuit Voltage: 21.8 V

  • Short Circuit Current: 5.7 A

Physical Specifications

  • Dimensions

    • 44.5 x 20.9 x 0.1 (Inches)

    • 1,130.3 x 530.9 x 2.5 (mm)

    • Black fiberglass backing

  • Weight

    • 5.5 (lbs)

    • 2.5 (kg)

Environmental Specifications

  • Temperature Coefficient

    • Voltage: -1.8mV/C

    • Power: -0.32%/C

  • Temperature Range

    • Operating temperature -40C to 60C

    • Storage temperature -40C to 85C

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