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AEM-PF-EVK Solar Development Kit with e-peas PMIC (DEV-EPEAS)

The Indoor/Outdoor e-peas Solar Development Kit (AEM-PF-EVK)

Editor-in-Chief of Embedded Computing Design, Brandon Lewis, unpacks the Indoor/Outdoor e-peas Solar Development Kit


The AEM-PF-EVK Solar Development Kit with e-peas PMIC (DEV-EPEAS) makes integrating indoor solar into electronics simple. It includes e-peas high-performance energy harvesting PMIC with integrated power management designed and optimized for PowerFilm’s thin-film indoor and outdoor solar panels.


The AEM-PF-EVK efficiently extracts energy from the solar modules, which can be stored in a rechargeable element while also providing two independent regulated voltages to power IoT devices. The integrated power management supports multiple storage element charge configurations, including, Li-Po, Li-ion, LiFePO4, Solid State, and Single/Double cell supercapacitors. Configurations are easily selected by moving pin jumpers to desired positions. 


Harvesting indoor light with the paired LL200-2.4-37 panel provides approximately 80 µW in a low light luminosity (200 lux). After 8 hours of exposure, the AEM10941 harvester will collect about 1.8 J of energy.


Harvesting outdoor light with the paired  MPT2.4-21 panel provides approximately 6.8 mW under indirect or ambient sunlight (25% of direct sunlight). After 8 hours of exposure, the AEM10941 harvester will collect about 156 J of energy.


The Indoor/Outdoor e-peas Solar Development Kit diagram

What can I power?

  • BLE Beacons and Tags

  • E-Paper Displays

  • Telematics

  • Smart Locks

  • Thermostats

  • Smart Windows and Shades

  • Wireless Sensors

  • Wearables

  • Field and Herd Monitoring

  • Other Low Power Electronics



Energy Harvester and Power Management

• Coldstart at 3µW 380mV

• Global quiescent current of 400nA

• MPPT ratio configured to 80%

• Storage Element Voltage Protection

• Primary Battery with minimum voltage protection

• 2 LDOs with enable pins

• BAL feature for dual cells supercapacitor

• Internal Boost Converter (up to 95 %): 50mV 5V



• 1 screw connector for Power Film PV cell

• 1 screw connector for Storage Element

• Multiple footprints for Super capacitors

• 1 screw connector for Primary Battery

• 1 screw connector for HVOUT LDO output 80 mA)

• 1 screw connector for LVOU LDO output 20 mA)



• 3 jumpers for CFG Storage element protection

• 6 resistors footprint for custom mode

• 2 jumpers for LDO enable/disable

• 2 jumpers for Primary battery used

• 1 jumper if using the BAL feature (dual cells super capacitor)



• 58 mm x 49 mm

• 4 x M 2 5 Mounting holes

What’s In The Kit?


• (2) MPT2.4-21 Solar Panel with leads

• (2) LL200-2.4-37 Indoor Solar Panel with leads

• 60mAh rechargeable Li-Polymer battery

• Instructions and product documentation


Expected Power


LL200-2.4-37 (200 Lux)

  • Power: 0.07W

  • Operating Voltage: 1.6V

  • Current: 0.044mA

  • Average VoC: 2.4V

  • Average Isc: 0.06mA

LL200-2.4-37 (1000 Lux)

  • Power: 0.462mW

  • Operating Voltage: 2.1V

  • Current: 0.220mA

  • Average VoC: 2.4V

  • Average Isc: 0.34mA

MPT2.4-21 (100% Sun)

  • Power: 32mW

  • Operating Voltage: 2.4V

  • Current: 14.2mA

  • Average VoC: 3.2V


IV Curves


MPT2.4-21 25% &100% Sun Electronic Component Solar Panel IV Curve


AEM10941 Efficiency

e-peas AEM1094 1mA efficiency curvee-peas AEM1094 10mA efficiency curve

e-peas AEM1094 100mA efficiency curvee-peas AEM1094 100µA efficiency curve


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