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Posted on 08/11/2017 at 12:00 AM by Seth Hansen


What does it take to "Make it big?"


To take an idea, a dream, and turn it into reality?


To stop thinking and to start acting?


It takes work.


It takes practice.


It takes determination in the face of opposition and extreme odds.  


I had the pleasure of speaking with Videographer, Chad Schollmeyer and learned more about why he's so passionate about film, how he got his studio off the ground and why portable power is so important for those in the photo-video industry. 

Chad started out in LA as an aspiring actor but quickly learned that this just wasn't the path for him.


He then pursued photography but felt his passion for storytelling was being held back by static photos. 


Finally, Chad found a home in videography and started to build a team of creative like-minded people dubbing his studio High Fidelity Pictures after a favorite film.


High Fidelity Pictures website screenshot


The group was about to leave for a trip into a remote region of Utah to film on location and needed access to power that could help them stay connected off the grid. 


Weight was a major concern because the group would be carrying everything they needed on their backs. 


They tried to cut as much excess weight as possible and needed the lightest and most portable power solution that could keep a group of actresses and videographers powered in the middle of nowhere. 


After doing the research he reached out to us and we determined that the LightSaver Max would be the perfect solution for his crew. They set out with the first 4 LightSaver Max prototypes to help them film on location.


LightSaver Max Portable Solar Charger on a backpack


(Photo courtesy of Aaron Pryor @pryorpictures)


Chad's team was able to execute their plan, capture remarkable video and produce fantastic ads for many different companies including PowerFilm.


They created the two LightSaver Max videos that you can see below. 



Whether you prefer to point and shoot, portrait mode on your iPhone or cinema-quality video cameras, power will always be necessary.


Free yourself from the grid and able capture break taking vistas without worrying about battery life. 


Focus on your subject matters, not your remaining battery life icon.


Finally, know when to put the camera down and experience something in real-time through your unique perspective. 


Learn more about the LightSaver Max


Interview with Chad Schollmeyer:



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