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In The Field: Paul Arden

Posted on 03/31/2017 at 12:00 AM by Seth Hansen

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Some people work a 9-5 and are perfectly happy. The predictability of their days is a comfort. That is not Paul Arden. 


Paul has always had the itch for adventure and currently calls Malaysia home while he tracks down rare species of giant snakehead fish that have never before been caught and documented. 


In the late nineties, Paul created a website: www.sexyloops.com. It quickly became the preeminent resource and gathering place for fly fisherman and those looking to into the sport and learn more about best practices. 


With technology advancing and solar becoming more and more readily available, Arden rigged up his fishing vessel with a crystalline panel a few years ago in an attempt to offset his power consumption and free himself from main land charging. If he could do this, he would be able to spend more time tracking and fishing and less time worrying about if he had enough power to make it back to recharge his batteries.


In a humorous and disappointing event, Paul was on the cusp of a great catch and stumbled onto his panel breaking it to bits. He noted in our conversation that it never worked all that well as he would have liked, but now it didn't work at all. 


Needing something powerful, light and waterproof, PowerFilm provided Paul with a 60 watt rollable solar panel. This panel has since freed him from his charging worries and keeps him on the waters doing what he loves. 

Now Paul is able to focus on his passion, pursue further out into Malaysian waters and hunt down the next undocumented species swimming in the depths.


Below is my full interview with Paul. 


Feel free to listen and learn more about the fantastic fly fishing community he has created and how PowerFilm's light weight solar panels and portable power expertise let him do more of what he loves!


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