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What is the wattage rating of the included solar panel?

As this product is an integrated system (with solar panel, charging circuit, battery, etc.), the efficiency of the unit as a system is the most important thing. For example, if a high power panel is used but the power is wasted because an inefficient charging circuit is used or the battery is of low quality, then the high performance panel won't matter.


Because of this, PowerFilm has decided to focus on building a complete package that works very well (extremely good solar panel that works well in all conditions, a charging circuit that is very high efficiency, a top-grade battery with long storage life and good capacity and charging characteristics). Easy way to remember this is that the LightSaver can be fully charged in about a day of full sun (or 3 hours from a wall charger), and can then be used to provide ~3200 mAh to power various USB devices.

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