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What do the different button presses do on my LightSaver Max?

Single press - state of charge display will turn on for 5 seconds. The 12V and USB outputs will also be enabled. Outputs will stay enabled until the system is shut off with the button or 90 minutes have passed with no load on the outputs (this is to allow the Max to remain on for long periods of time while charging lower draw electronics completely).


Double press - Changes the state of the flashlight. With the flashlight turned off, the first double press will turn the flashlight on to the high setting, the second double press will change the flashlight to the low setting, and the third double press will shut it off.


Press and hold - turns off the unit. After a press and hold all LEDs on the outputs will be shut off indicating the unit has been turned off.


*Note there is a slight delay after the button press before the function is completed.

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