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Can I connect more than one Soltronix Solar Panel?

You can connect the 24 Watt Solar Panel with Integrated Charge Controller, 45 Watt Solar Panel with Integrated Charge Controller, and 100 Watt Solar Panel with Integrated Charge Controller. You cannot connect the 100 Watt Solar Panel with Soltronix Solar Panels that include integrated charge controllers. Connecting two Soltronix panels in parallel to charge a battery will work fine. The charge controllers will still protect the battery and prevent overcharging. The Daisy Chain Cable (RA-6-HD) can combine panel outputs up to 20A, which will work fine for combining two 100W Soltronix panels. To supply 200W of power to the battery, special cables will be required after the RA-6HD. Except for the RA-6-HD, all accessory cables can only transfer 7A of power without significant voltage drops that will reduce the charge rate. To achieve full-rate charging capability, all cabling should be 14 gauge or better.

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