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Custom OEM Solar Panel Options

OEM Panel With Wires

We can provide wire leads on panels anywhere along the length of the bus tape. Wire position and length are set by your requirements.



OEM Panel With Backside Contacts

Through laser ablation we can connect leads to the back or underneath panels. We can also provide backside solder contacts for you to use.



Black Finish

If cosmetic appearance is a top priority for you we have several processes in place to provide a ‘black’ finish look to our panels.



Mini OEM Panel

To simplify connections, we can remove the encapsulant along the edge of the bus tape.



Custom Die Cuts

We can provide custom die cuts on your panels, whether that’s to fit a specific receptacle or provide fold-over tabs for back side (underneath) contacts.


Extended Bus Bar Tape

Our WeatherPro process includes extended bus tape for easy connections. The length is set by your specifications.



Custom Substrates

We have experience with hundreds of substrates, including a wide range of fabrics and metals.


Custom Designs

We will design the solution you need for your application. This includes custom panel sizes, interconnect, and substrates.


Interested in a different custom solution?

Contact us and tell us about your application.


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