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Indoor Solar Development Kit with TI BLE (DEV-IN-BLE-TI)

Indoor Solar Development Kit with TI BLE
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Recent security updates in Android OS caused the PFDev-TI Data Monitor (previously LES100 Data Monitor) to be unable to detect DEV-IN-BLE-TI/LES100 devices. Updates to both the PFDEV-TI Data Monitor mobile application and the PCB firmware, which resolves this issue, are now available.

*Note that this issue is only seen on mobile devices running Android 9 OS and that devices running older Android OS should still be functioning properly.* 

Please download and install the most up-to-date version of the PFDEV-TI Data Monitor in the google play store. Additionally, update the DEV-IN-BLE-TI device firmware by following the "Flashing HEX Files to the DEV-IN-BLE-TI CC2650 IC" section in the kit user guide. These documents can be found in the additional resources section.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we worked to resolve this issue. Please let us know if you have any issues and we would be glad to assist you.

Fully powered by PowerFilm’s Indoor Light Series solar, the Indoor Solar Development Kit with TI BLE is a wireless sensing module that collects data from a variety of sensors and sends it to a connected mobile device via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Ideal for indoor environments, the DEV-IN-BLE-TI kit uses a nano-power energy harvester to operate down to 200 lux and below. The integrated power management features battery charging with over/under voltage protection and a regulated output voltage rail.


This development kit is meant to be the first building block of any IoT sensing project or idea. The wireless MCU is broken out so additional sensors and components can be added easily. This open-source design accelerates the development process by making solar power simple.


Development Kit Layout


Bluetooth Indoor Solar Development Kit layout



Wireless Sensing Unit

  • Pre-configured to measure light level, temperature, and battery level.

  • Adjustable data rate from .1 – 30 seconds. 

  • CC2650 Ultra Low Power Simplelink Multi-Standard Wireless MCU.

  • I/O pin breakout.

  • User-friendly mobile application.

  • Supports Bluetooth Low Energy, ZigBee, 6LoWPAN and ZigBee RFCE.

Energy Harvesting Unit

  • BQ25570 Nano Power Boost Charger and Buck Converter.

  • Optimized for PowerFilm indoor series solar panels. 

  • Operational down to 200 lux and below. 

  • Artificial light collection.

  • Battery charging with over/under voltage protection.

  • Adjustable output voltage from 2-5 volts.

  • Open source hardware and software.


Use Cases

There are many remote sensing applications. Depending on sensor power requirements, the Indoor Solar Development Kit with TI BLE (DEV-IN-BLE-TI) and PowerFilm solar panels will support the applications listed below: 


Sensing Applications




Light Level




Air Flow

Water Flow



Air Quality



    Water Level


IoT Applications

Home Automation


Smart Buildings

Smart City

Smart Agriculture

Wireless Nodes

Asset Tracking

Smart Transportation



    Equipment Monitoring

    Industrial Automation


What’s In The Kit? 



Panel with wires:

(2) LL200-2.4-75

- Power: 200 lux:  0.29mW

- Operating Voltage: 200 lux: 1.60V

- Current: 200 lux: 0.18mA


- Model: DTP301120

- Nominal Voltage: 3.7V

- Typical Capacity: 40mAh

- Includes protection circuit

Absolute maximum open circuit voltage: 3.6V

Absolute maximum short circuit current: 100mA

*No international shipments for online purchases. Continental United States only. For delivery to other locations, please contact us.

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